Born in Melfi in 1982, I got a degree in Graphic Design at Politecnico of Milan. 

I became interested in photography and filmmaking because I think there are no better means to tell stories. 

My work has been focusing on young generations in countries that have undergone strong political changes. 

I started my professional carrier in 2011 with a project concerning how young Russian genera- tions spend their nights in St Petersbourg. 

The project name is “Crossing Leningrad” and was published in Burn Magazine; part of it was published in Italian magazines such as D - La Repubblica. 

Since then, I have been working as a freelance photographer and film-maker for editorial and corporate works. 

My main customers have been over the years: Leica, Nikon, The Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Itinere (Trenitalia), Regione Abruzzo, Fujifilm, L’Espresso, D-La Repubblica, Gioia, Cafebabel. 

I’m currently based in Italy. 

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