Divided States

11/09/2016: Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of United States of America after defeating Hillary Clinton.

An unexpected result: the New Yorker native managed to speak to the guts of that slice of America which has fallen into poverty and fear. With his finger-pointing dialectic, he showed Americans the culprit . On the 21st of January, Trump entered the White House and his inaugural speech was punctuated with lines like “Buy American and Hire American”.

Those catchy phrases reached out to disillusioned hearts of American who come from places afflicted by the closure of factories and by the ravages of economic dislocation and foreign exploitation. While going down into the deep womb of the United States, I visited states where Trump reversed the election results: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and the Republican South. I met mothers, veterans, homeless, lawyers, tradies, backpackers, students.

A country now deeply divided into two teams. On one hand there are people who are scared to have Donald Trump as president. On the other hand there are the ones who have decided to give the tycoon a chance. For the anti-Trump, the new president has finally found the reason why fear and frustration snuck up on the western world.

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