New Born: Suspension

After obtaining independence in 2008 February 17th, Kosovo, included in Onu’s Resolution 1244, is currently under protectorate of United Nations’agencies. Young Kosovar Albanians are trying to become protagonist of the future of their own contry: a population of 2 millions inhabitants, mainly Muslims, 52% under 25 age, with a population’s medium age of 26,7.

The majority of juvenile population live in the main cities, study to reach a university degree, speak English fluently, is politically active and strongly critical against the actual government, which is poorly caring toward the needs of general population and highly corrupted. In towns and small cities, young families live a situation of strong discomfort, the unemployment rate reach almost 70 % and the wages are definitely under European average (300 euro for month in great cities).

Young people is at a crossroads: from one side they want to create their own identity but at the same time they question the real possibilities of a country that, quoting the words of an activist of Vetevendosje (movement for self-determination): “resemble an eternal patient, constantly cared by doctors which doesn’t allow any real process of healing to let him walk with his own legs.”

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