The day after in Paris 

Friday 13th november.

As usual in this part of the year, I come to Paris to visit Paris Photo and meet colleagues and friends. Around 10 o’clock, after a book launch in a little bookshop close to Rue de Menilmontant, we decide to drink something before going to the next party. Suddently, the barman switches channels on the tv and we hear what’s happening in the city. One of the places under attack is close to our house, in the neighborhood of Goncourt. At first we try to take a taxi, but it is impossible to get one, so we decide to take the metro and get off on the next stop, in order to reach our home by foot, despite the police recommending us to avoid that area. Once at home we take our cameras and head to the places that have been attacked, but cops prevent us from doing so. Therefore my choice for the day after is to visit all the locations of the terrorist attacks and concentrate myself on the feelings of the people that showed up in the streets to commemorate the victims, despite a ban on public meetings.

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